About Quick Bauprodukte GmbH

For more than 30 years we deal with the development and manufacture of products for the construction industry. Our products have a very high technical standard. We are your competent partner and are available for all of your tasks. We look forward to your challenge.

We offer expertise and expirience in the following areas:

Know How

  • Technology
  • Production
  • Development
  • Planning
  • Service


We distribute OUR products primarily through direct sales. Our professional sales team will escort you at the office and on the construction site.


  • Steel construction
  • Tool construction
  • Construction steel bending shop
  • Fibre concrete products

Built with us - we have the "staff" for it!

We want to be closer to our customers. As Quick-team, we want to grow and work to ensure that an idea will become a professional solution and everything is up to the assembly of one hand. For your project. With help and advice and the best service.